Do I Need Google Reviews

Google Business Reviews Generate Business Today’s customer is more likely to find you on an internet search than by any other means. That is because they search for businesses with your products and services within their own community. The ease of just typing in a few words for a Google search can make finding your […]

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More reviews for your business

8 Ways to Generate More Business Reviews

How to Get Business Reviews with Google Once you have set up a shortcut link for Google reviews, you will want to consider how to use this link to obtain lots of customer reviews of your business on Google. Start with Physical Cards asking for a Review Print up physical cards containing a short version […]

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Managing Positive Reviews

Managing Positive Reviews – If you’re a business and you are receiving positive reviews for your products and services. Well done, but don’t stop there – you should always respond to them. The Importance of Responding to Positive Reviews If one of your customers or clients leaves you a review full of praise and enthusiasm, […]

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Managing Negative Reviews

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Managing Negative Reviews If you run a business, there will come a time when you receive negative reviews. This is something that all businesses have to deal with, but it can cause reputational problems for you. One of the ways you can ease that is by responding to the review. It might even help your […]

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